Saturday, October 19, 2013

How Much Did I Knit On Vacation?

Not as much as I thought I'd do, it's true, but I did some and it counts.  I even un-knit some, I frogged that white baby sweater I started before we left.  The white yarn I was using is called Soft Yarn but it wasn't particularly soft, not once I got it knitted, so out came the needles and I made the knitting turn back into a ball of yarn.  I'm thinking of starting over with a part wool/part acrylic yarn in a creamy white color, that little bit of wool makes it feel so much nicer than all acrylic.  

Not that I need to knit another sweater, I finished the green 5-Hour Cardi on the trip.  All I have to do is weave in the tails, then wash and block it, and put on a pretty button and it'll be ready to keep any random grandbaby that comes around warm.

I bought another ball of Cascade Fixation, that cotton/elastic yarn that I made the first pair of Widdle Sockies out of and cast on a second pair right away.  I finished sockie #1 in North Carolina and completed the leg of sockie #2 in the car yesterday.  Intelligently I declined to embark on knitting the heel flap, etc. while on the highway.

I also worked on the first sleeve of the Khaki Cardi that I've had on the needles (OTN) since June 2009 (holy moly! that long?), adding about 6" over the 2 weeks we were away.  At Friday Night Knitting last night I decided to cut the khaki 2" sooner than originally planned and make the white and black stripes wider because I'm afraid I'll run out of the khaki yarn before I get to 9" like sleeve #1.  The whole thing looks short and very wide to me but when I put it on it sorta fits.  Guess that means I too am short and wide.  *sigh*

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