Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Maple Tree Scarf

On Sunday when I was moving all my knitting clutter out of the living room I realized that I stopped knitting my daily rows sometime in late October.  It made me feel like a slacker, so I brought it to work with me yesterday and knitted a few rows.  I clipped the last variegated, autumn-leaf-colored yarn and brought some solid gold yarn today to represent the last few weeks of all-yellow leaves.  There's not a lof of the gold left so I'm going to knit with it to the end, there are still a few maple helicopters left hanging so it's a valid color choice, and then splice in another brown.

I rolled it out to take its picture and measured it, and it's over 100 inches long.  It's Week #46, only 6 more weeks and then I can bind off this beast.  Put it behind me.

Aunt B had an interesting suggestion to turn up the ends to make pockets so that I can wind it around and then shove my hands into them.  It might work.  Way to think outside the box, Aunt B!


Aunt B said...

Yay!! Glad you like my idea. Love, love, love the scarf!

Buy from HBGL Vaporizers said...

The idea is really cool.