Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Exactly Finished

But closer.  On our drive up to Kugel's Cheese Mart in Lena on Saturday I knitted on the final miter of the Hubbard Grand-Baby Blanket and got almost done, so I finished that last corner last night while watching the Firefly 10 Year Anniversary special.  Which was kind of lame; I enjoyed watching the marathon of episodes all afternoon and evening much more.  Now all that the blanket needs is edging.  The pattern says to pick up stitches on each side separately, knit an increasing strip of edging, bind off, and then go to the next side.  Seems kind of odd to me so I'll be thinking about what to do.  Maybe just crochet a few rows.  The second ball of yarn ran out before the end of the last miter.  See the lower right corner?  I just grabbed the third ball and kept going not really looking at the color progression.  I kind of like it.  "One of these is not like the other..."  Sing it with me!

I had hopes of finishing another chemo hat but I kept crocheting and then frogging (ripping out) what I had done and starting over.  I think I'm on the third pattern and the fourth hat with this yarn.  Good thing it's acrylic or I'd have worn it out by now.  I had hopes of making a Zac Brown Band-type beanie and found a pattern.  That was try #3.  Evidently the band has coneheads.  I'm back to my original standard crocheted hat pattern only I'm using one size smaller hook.  I know, radical.

I only added one row to my knitted one; that's not going to get it finished anytime soon, is it?  No.  I also noticed my Maple Tree Scarf in its little plastic package when I was de-crap-ifying the living room this morning.  It has become increasingly difficult to even remember to knit my down-and-back rows weekly much less daily.  I've got it here at work with me and will be caught up by the end of the day.  Cross my heart.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it because it is so long and so thick, it'll be long enough to keep a giraffe's neck warm.

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