Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One, One October Quilt Block

I know I said I was going to sew them both up today but there was all that cutting and measuring and sewing and sewing and ripping and...  I did my best, really, I did.  It took me longer to pick out the fabrics.  I mean, I thought I had them all picked out but then I changed my mind so I had to lay things out, flop them around this way and that, iron out all the folds, then make sure that the pieces were big enough.  The first triangle (there were 8 in all) took forever and even though I was watching the instructional video (evidently I can't count from three to four reliably), so I got to spend time ripping out the tiniest stitches my machine makes without ripping the foundation paper pattern piece.  *sigh*  Finally I managed to get all 8 of them made, got the paper patterns ripped off the backs, got them back into the correct order, and sewed them together.  Naturally the middle's not exactly right but I love the colors and I love the way it looks.  Once again I imagine a grandchild snuggled under it tracing the lines, liking the disconnects better than the ones that are smooth... but then I have a rich fantasy life.

I have one and one half rows to knit on my Lava shawl, bind it off loosely, and then block it.  I can't wait to finish it and show it to you.

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Angelina said...

Hey, your knitting is really good, do you have any videos. I really want to learn & buy it.