Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Life Needs Knitted Things

We went down to Racine, south of Milwaukee, to spend a couple days with old friends.  Said friends are going to be grandparents for the first time come January.  You all know what that means, don't you?  That means I get to knit things for AddCinHub's coming grandbaby.  (they say it's going to be girl baby but I never believe it until it arrives and its plumbing confirms it)  I tucked a skein of "baby" colored acrylic yarn into my bag, along with a pattern for a rolled brim hat and the requisite DPNs.  I cast it on Thursday night and finished it Friday afternoon.  It's one of those "worsted weight yarn & big needles" patterns that works up like the wind.  I was so excited to give it to the granny-to-be I forgot to take its picture.  Trust me, it was cute.  (hmm, maybe I have a photo of a preemie hat made of the same yarn... I'll look... not the same pattern, just the same yarn)  It was the first gift too.  *patting myself on the back*

On Wednesday Skully came to knit with me for an hour or so at work.  She was knitting a scarf with a lovely bulky variegated yarn but yanked out the needles and shoved all 3 skeins my way.  I tried to refuse, tried to pay her for the yarn (it wasn't cheap) but she insisted I take it.  I surfed the Pattern pages on Ravelry for something to knit with it and found one for a baby blanket made of mitered squares knit on size 11 needles.  My kind of pattern!  When I got home after work I cast it on and got to work while we drive to Racine.  I worked on it at times over the days we were there and finished the first mitered square on the way home.  I love the colors.  Love them.  I figure I'll say that this is a blankie to stay at Grandma's house.  I'm going to go pick up stitches for the second mitered square right now.

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