Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Ranned Away From Home

And I'm loving it.  I got here just before 1 PM, checked in, and got busy being a run-away.  My favorite map shop in the building next door is closing tomorrow (boo-hoo).  I was stunned when I saw the sign so in I went to see everything packed in boxes and very little left.  I found a couple of baskets she used for display, a couple of notebooks, and a map or two.  I can't believe she's retiring and no one wanted to buy it.  Most of the time it's the only store I go into when I'm here.  Tsk.  I'll have to find another but what will be cooler than a map store with a bazillion maps and globes, travel books, telescopes, brass doodads, and maps, did I mention maps?  

I walked down to the lake along the river.  It was sunny and windy but so good to be out that I sat outside doing a little writing while I sipped a mug of coffee.  The lake was wavy and beautiful.

Lala arrived late in the afternoon, bringing a terrible cold with her, so we walked up the hill to eat soup and pizza at Il Ritrovo, then came back so she could go soak in a hot bath, drink tea, and get a good night's sleep so she'll feel better tomorrow.

And if we spend most of the weekend indoors and relaxing that'll be okay too.

I'm heading out to see my baby-est brother AJ to give him a birthday card.

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