Friday, October 14, 2011

Yarn Stuff!

Finally I have some actual yarn-y content. I appreciate your continued patience with my lunacy.

Last night was the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting and we learned 3 new increases: knit in front and back (of the same stitch), make 1 (right or left leaning), and row below (right or left leaning). Terri had giant US35 needles and super bulky pink yarn to demo them and we all managed to get our yarn and needles to obey with a minimum of swearing but there were a lot of tongue tips sticking out at times. It was great to see new faces and old ones too. It's getting to be a very congenial group and I'm learning a lot of helpful things. Besides, you can't know too many knitters.

I'm working on my MeWarmer (scroll down). See? I've turned the first corner, now I knit straight for a few rows for the underarm, then I'll turn another corner to make the back up to the neck. Basically I'm making a big "U" shape, I'll make another, and then stitch them together to make an open front vest I can snuggle into when winter winds blow.

And it turns out I haven't invented a bizarre hybrid row on my Sea Foam scarf. It was just all scrunched together.

Tonight I'm casting on a Potato Chip scarf at Friday Night Knitting for my Aunt B who wants something I knit to swan around in during the "harsh" North Carolina winters. She'll look fab in it.

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Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh, can't wait for the PC scarf! You are such a good girl thinking about our NC winters! I promise to post a pix of me "swanning"!