Friday, October 7, 2011

I Flew A Frog

I worked on the MeWarmer on the long (149 mi.) drive from Copper Harbor. I thought I'd need it this week but it has been so warm that even long sleeves are too warm.

We toured ourselves around Marquette yesterday. First we visited Knit 'n Purl where I exhibited admirable restraint.

Then we found the ore docks, seeing two big carriers coming in.

Then we drove past the ore docks and there was a carrier being loaded. It was noisy... no, it was LOUD when those ore pellets slid down the metal loading chutes but it wasn't dusty and it was interesting to watch the bow of the huge ship sink down into the water five feet. (There's those marks on ships' hulls that tell you how much of it is underwater.)

We then drove back along the shore and found a nice park where I unlimbered my poison dart frog kite and flew it. It was so eager to fly it fairly leapt into the air. Tons o'fun.

I am having a whale of a time on this consolation vacation, and I totally
still love ol' Durwood, even after spending all this time with him.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, that is the true test of your love -- to spend hours and days in the car with your hubby. Glad to read that the spark still remains!