Sunday, May 22, 2011


I finally finished the Toes Up Socks X2 at Friday Night Knitting so I could give Zoe her needle back. Dusty showed me a Miraculously Stretchy Bind-off that she found, I used it and it was easy and very stretchy. For a while there I felt like I was locked into the knitting equivalent of digging to China. I am happy to be finished.

The Bandwagon Block #4 is zooming along. I was thrilled with myself for picking up stitches in the car on the drive up to Door County today.

I did find some bamboo and silk yarn in Spin's 40% off baskets to make a lace scarf that was one of the Free Knitting Pattern-a-Days from week before last. I couldn't believe that I didn't have any silk yarn in my stash. Well, not any of the proper weight. Naturally I forgot the pattern so I didn't remember how much I needed... luckily I bought an extra skein and will have enough.

I really needed today's escape. Perfect weather, excellent friends, wine tasting, and chocolate ice cream before it started to rain. Plus Chicken Bengali, brown rice, and fresh asparagus for supper. Durwood, I'm keeping you.

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