Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Back to Knitting News for the last day of 2010 now that all the Christmas-ing is finally over.

I made the mistake of showing Jason hat try #2 on Ravelry when he stopped into the dive shop with his dad the other day. He looked at the color and decided that the white next to the red in the variegated yarn looked "too pink" so that attempt went to the frog pond (rrrrrip!) and I started again with the first yarn and a different pattern. Try #3 felt right from the very beginning. I used a pattern out of Knit Simple, the Tasseled Earflap Hat (Ravelry link) that I'd made a few times before and it knitted up like a dream.

I've been working on the next worsted sock for wearing to work. I lovelovelove the
colors. I might have to make something that shows when I wear it one of these days.

The latest purse stitch scarf is chugging along. It's the perfect project to take along to family gatherings. I can just sit and purl along while listening, talking and laughing.
Per. Fect.

I forgot to put the picture of my Christmas outfit on the previous post. Red and green Converse All-Stars with wreaths on the ankle dots and plaid laces. A girl has t
o keep up appearances.

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