Monday, November 1, 2010

Polite Yarn

I went with some knitting friends on Saturday afternoon to check out a new store, the Copper Llama in rural Clintonville about an hour from Green Bay. It's a gorgeous little building at the edge of the dooryard of a llama farm that's run by a friendly woman who spins, dyes and sells yarn made from her llama fibers. Unfortunately getting the shop up and running has prevented her from doing any dyeing and spinning lately so all she has at this point is Plymouth, Cascade, and a bit of Noro. I bought a couple skeins of Cascade Eco Wool, one dark brown/gray called Night Vision and the other lighter gray called Tarnish, that'll go well with the 2 skeins of red Cascade Eco + that I already have. I bought a pattern last week for a zippered hoodie that calls for chunky yarn and needed more. Now as soon as I finish the two sweaters I have on the needles, I'm ready to start another. It was a fun day. Karla's a good driver and tells good stories, Lyn and I sat in back knitting on scarves and chatting about kids, Jennifer rode shotgun, she had the GPS because, let me tell you, that was some twisty, turny drive. There were about 6 cats on the front porch when we pulled in so Jennifer had lots of kitties to talk to. I was interested in the llamas (they have 40!) which were all different shades of cream and brown. They wouldn't come to the fence when you talked to them, they turned away and mumbled to themselves. Lyn picked up the littlest, fluffiest kitten and Karla was flirting with the goldendoodle wagging it's tail behind a fence. A fun time was had by all. None of the yarn blew me away so I consider the 2 skeins I bought "polite" yarn because it would have been rude to shop and not buy. Oh, all the yarn had at least some wool content so if you're allergic to wool (poor Lyn) there's not much for you, but she does have a lot of spinning roving and supplies since she said she began as a spinner. No surprise since she's got a herd of llamas!

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