Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Weak

I caved. The other day I trolled through the free patterns on Ravelry looking for some toy to knit for Bill & Diane's daughter's baby-to-be, and since we met them through scuba diving I thought something fish-y would be good. So I found a stuffed fish toy, a crocheted fish-shaped dishcloth I think I can make into a bib, another toy I'm thinking of adjusting so it'll hold a bar of soap, and a drawstring bag shaped like a fish to hold it all. I dug out some self-patterning acrylic to use for the toy but I held off casting on, intending to work on what I have rather than cast on something new. I managed not to cast on--for one whole day. I rationalized that it's a small item and won't take me long so it's okay. It's going to be very cute, not very soft, but very cute (even though right now it looks kind of like a blue and patterned boobie with a nipple). I may have to knit another one with some cotton chenille I have that would be very soft but this is good practice and it's amusing me.

I'm on the 5th skein of Ara on my Campsie Wrap and it's looking lovely and it's so
warm on my lap. I know I'm going to like it even if I look like a trussed up pig in it. I already love it.

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