Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weaning Away

Just a bit, but I'm branching out from the skinny scarves the teensiest fraction. Never fear, I still have the tote bag of potential scarf skeins right beside me when I sit on the couch so if the mood hits me I can cast on immediately. I have an extra pair of US10.75 needles there too, also just in case. I'm making progress on the Silk & Wool scarf. I knew I'd gotten the yarn in the FNKC yarn swap in January but didn't remember who I'd gotten it from. It wasn't Zoe. Tanya's eyes lit up when she saw the yarn and she said she was glad that it had gone to a good home and was making such a pretty project. It's Berger du Nord Charmant and evidently few yarn shops carry it. It's very nice, feels great and knits great. The scarf will be hard to give away, but I'm sure I'll find a good home for it.

I have to say I'm a bit surprised at myself for not putting fringe on these skinny scarves. I usually love fringe and feel that a scarf's not finished without it, but I'm liking these better just square at the narrow ends. See? Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Yesterday "the sock" got to go to work with me. I try to always have a sock on the go so even though I name them, they're usually just "the sock." Not that I don't love each and every one as an individual, I do, and I appreciate their individual qualities as well, but I'll bet even the most loving mother gets lax when she refers to kid number ten or twelve,
the youngest always gets to be "the baby," so I know that if I grab the red bag on my way out the door, I'll have "the sock" even though it change from sock to sock. Only rarely do I knit sock #2 immediately after I knit sock #1. I always have the intent but I'm just not bound by convention anymore so I am free to wear single socks with others and love them both. I figure I'll knit all the second socks when I'm old. Maybe next year.

I'm loving this sock. It's turning out exactly the way I hoped and it's a simple pattern that looks complex. When I bought the yarn I thought it looked like the ocean so I wanted a pattern that looked like waves or rippling water--and I hoped to find it for free. Eventually I found the River Rapids Sock pattern from Sock Bug. It's a series of yarn overs and knit-2-togethers or slip-slip-knits that make it look like cables without all the cable needle hassle. I'm loving it. Loving. It.

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