Friday, October 29, 2010

Making Progress

At work yesterday I finished the third repeat of the pattern on the foot of the Underwater Sock and started the toe. Just a bit more decreasing and it'll be done. I'm really liking the look of the stitch, it looks like a cable but it's a series of yarnovers and either slip slip knits or knit 2 togethers. One of these days I want to play with it using worsted weight yarn to see how it looks life-size.

At home I've been trying to do at least a few inches of wrap each evening. I got the first sleeve done and I'm working my way down the 5 feet of flat between. I love the color blocks, the black
cashmere really makes it look rich. You can see on the one picture the turquoise stitch marker indicating the start of the round. I'm hoping that the second sleeve will be nice and straight. I have a fear that it'll somehow be twisted and look goofy.

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