Friday, December 12, 2008

He Picked Mine!

Remember late last month I knitted a couple caps for Connor who has a virulent form of brain cancer? In three short weeks knitters/crocheters on Ravelry made 145 hats so that each student in Connor's school got a hat. They were distributed last Friday. Connor got to choose first. He chose the gray beret I made. I was flabergasted--and burst into tears.

I sometimes feel like I mail my charity knitting off into the void. Here's proof that what I do makes a difference. I am humbled.


David said...

That's great, Mom. It's really nice to know when your efforts are appreciated. Congratulations!

rochard said...

Oh, Gosh, I got all teary, too!
GO BARBARA! What a beautiful picture.

Ann said...

Wow, Mom, that's amazing! I'm so happy for you and for all those lucky kids.

Abigail said...

Barbara -
How awesome to make a difference! He looks awesome in your hat. We're so proud of you!!
Lots of love