Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hats, The Moon & Tomatoes

Okay.  I can't quit casting on preemie hats.  I change yarn color between hats and yesterday at work I finished the Chocolate Mint one (brown, green, pink) and didn't have another color with me. (Evidently the color changing thing's a rule, if only to my inner-Hitler)  After a tiny frisson of panic I went on Ravelry and chose another pattern.  Zip-bang-boom--a little beanie/watch cap is OTN (on the needles, for the non-knitters).  That's the tiny little ribbed cuff that'll be turned up when it's done and it'll need a pompon.  I can't imagine how cute a teensy pompon's going to be.  Kootchy-kootchy-koo. 

Monday DS borrowed my car to go to the pool with a student since he didn't think his scuba gear, her scuba gear, and 2 tanks would fit on the back of his bike.  This was no problem; since they were predicting storms for the late afternoon Durwood followed me to DS's job, I handed over the keys, Durwood took me to work, and picked me up when I was done.  Easy.  Once DS was done at the pool, he drove to our house and I drove him home.  (DIL1 was working later.)  On my way home there was a break in the storms and the nearly full moon poked out of the clouds.  There was lightning in the clouds.  It was awesome so I stopped in the bank parking lot across from the park to take some pictures.  Digital cameras don't have the same adjustability as film cameras, especially at night, but I think I did okay.  Moody, eh?

Last night I went out to water the herbs and saw a lot of red in the garden so I moseyed on over and picked a skirt full of tomatoes.  You can bet we're having a tomato salad with our supper tonight.

(Mosey, heh, I think I'm practicing my cowboy for being out in the Wild West the WEEK AFTER NEXT.  Ahem, sorry.  I'm not excited, no sirree, not me.  It's Durwood, he's the one capering around the kitchen.  Me, I mosey, I'm cool.)

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