Friday, July 20, 2012


It was difficult to resist twirling every time I got up from the desk at work on Wednesday and Thursday because on Tuesday night I (finally) sewed up a polyester rayon-ish skirt that I've had cut out for nearly a year.  I paired it with a black tee on Wednesday and loved wearing it.  So much so that I paired it with a cocoa tee on Thursday and wore it again.  What?  No one came in on both days plus it looked totally different.  Totally.

 I zoomed along making the miters of the Bandwagon Block #9 and I'm nearly ready to start the log cabin parts.  When this block is complete I'll only need to make three more before sewing up time.  Yay.

I pulled out my ball winder and got control of some skeins of yarn threatening to tangle themselves into a snarl this morning.  Both had knots about a quarter in so I snipped them and am using the short parts for preemie hats.  Not that I wouldn't have used the entire skein for that since it's soft, bright acrylic that I like to use for this hat pattern.  Preemie hats need to be sterilized and wool just can't take it, plus new parents don't need one more thing to take special care of, so acrylic it is.

I fully intend to cast on an ankle sock tonight using this variegated Fixation yarn until it runs out and then finishing the sock with the pale yellow.  It'll be in a shoe anyway, so what's the difference.  Plus you know how I am about socks.


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Ann said...

I love your skirt!