Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Just Have To Show You These

Yesterday when I mowed the lawn I was surprised to see a bunch of flowers blooming on the west side of the house..

new Irises, Beard

and Dutch,

Pasque Flower (which usually blooms in late April, that's how screwy our weather has been),

and Poppies (I hear you, I'm channeling the Wicked Witch of the West in my head too).

In the corner of the garden garden are more poppies getting ready to bloom. I really like the looks of the buds, all fuzzy and green, and maroon where the fuzzy is clumped up.

So you don't feel cheated since this IS supposed to be a knitting blog,

one reason I like to knit ankle socks is that you go directly from the cuff to the heel flap. I cast this on after Friday Night Knitting the other night and finished the heel flap last night before bed. Today I turned the heel and picked up gusset stitches. Now I'm decreasing down to the correct number of stitches to zoom down the foot. I'm thinking that if I concentrate, maybe I can have a new sock by next weekend. Whaddaya think? I've got a crapload of single skeins of Fixation yarn downstairs so I can make a pile of ankle socks this summer.

I was whining (whining and complaining are my life!) to my beautician during my haircut this morning about how achy my knees have been this week. She suggested that trying to walk heel to toe, instead of like a duck, as my chiropractor suggested to ease the strain on my knees might be easier if I got some of those toning shoes that are all the rage these days. I went out to Rogan's and found some. In fact they're so comfy I had them order me another pair because it's their "buy 1, get 1 half off" sale and getting two pairs of Avias for under $100 is not to be missed. I like the lime green accents on them too.

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