Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yarn Snacks

You know how sometimes you've had a nice, healthy meal but you can't stop grazing? You eat toast, and then a handful of carrots, followed by fruit, but it's not right. Next you try a few rice cakes, especially the caramel ones, an M&M or two...or a hundred. Then comes pudding, sugar free of course with a few chocolate chips to enhance the chocolatey-ness and a dollop of super chunky peanut butter stirred in because everyone knows that chocolate and peanut butter are made for each other, except for Durwood who thinks that pb is yukky. (I know, I know, I probably shouldn't have married him if I'd known that then, but he's got the most gorgeous blue eyes and his voice is like warm honey. You'd have married him too, I'm telling you.) Last night was like that in the yarn sense. I could have worked on the Toes Up X2 socks...

or the first Twister Wrister...

There's a narrow scarf OTN or the Winter Sock, but did I work on either of those? Of course not.

I cast on a Toto Oven Mitt from the second Mason-Dixon Knitting book and wo
rked on it at work today. I'm liking the 1970s colors of green, brown and blue as kind of an homage to my remaining avocado appliances and kitchen sink. I'm using DPNs instead of 2 circs. DPNs feel much better in my hands than circs. I'll finish it tomorrow and then go back to working on the old stuff. It's a good pattern for a yarn snack.

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