Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Package! *edited to add*

*squee* It came! I didn't take a picture of the needles, we all know what they look like, they're Knit Picks Harmony straights in US 10 3/4 or 7.0mm--lovely, colorful, and pointy. But the yarn, look at the cool yarn I picked out.

This is Felici Sport in the Chimney colorway. I
think it's discontinued because I picked it from the "Last Chance" area and it's not there anymore. It is so soft, I can't wait to make socks with it. So soft.

This one is Stroll Hand painted in the Cartoons colorway. I intend to make the cuff, heel, and toe of the socks solid black to show off the gorgeous colors. Bright! Colorful!

I want to knit them all (the ones I got last month too)
all at once. I need more hands.

Thanks, DD, for the gift card and, you're right, sock yarn is like chocolate, addictive.

I saw the first hummingbird of the season at the feeder on Sunday while I was getting ready to grill the chicken breasts for supper. Yay!

P.S. I grabbed this photo off the web; I'm not nearly fast enough to snap one all by myself. But this is the kind we have, the Ruby-throated. Isn't he cute?

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Ann said...

Nice yarn, Mom! I'm glad you got such lovely things. :)