Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Pursing

I'm still on my purse jag. I finished Foster Purse #2 last night, took its picture, and immediately hauled both #1 & #2 downstairs for some quick felting.

Fortunately I had read a bunch of Ravelry posts about this purse and one of the Ravelers had commented that hers felted quickly, so I stayed downs
tairs and checked them after about 6 minutes of the cycle. Perfect! So I turned the dial to Rinse and Spin, tugged and patted them into shape, and left them to dry overnight. I love them!

Foster Purse #2's color is correct in the above photo where the couch cushion looks bright yellow. I don't understand how come Purse #1 and the couch look the right color in the felted picture but it is sooo wrong when the purse color is right.

Durwood wanted the world to see what a perfect breakfast looks like, in his opinion. It's a slice of Rosen's Rye (unseeded) toasted with butter, mayo, and thick slabs of tomato, with more tomato on the side. Oh, and with coffee too. Not my idea of breakfast, but to each his own, and he can have my share of that one.

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